Our bundles come in soft hues (cream, grey), monochrome tones (white, black, anthracite) and earthy shades (brown, beige, camel). You can choose your favorite color to be added to the bundle or let us surprise you with our selection.



Covers 50% of your baby wardrobe needs

Bundle contains: 4 bodysuits, 2 trousers, 1 romper, 1 pyjama, 1 pullover, 1 hat


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Kündigungsfrist/Cancellation period/Délai de préavis: 1m
CHF77.00monthly/ auto-renew
  • Orders for size 50/56 will be delivered 1 month before due date. You only pay from due date onwards.

  • From size 86 you can swap a bundle after 3 months for a fresh one in the same size.