In their first year, babies outgrow about 6 clothing sizes, which means roughly 132 pieces of barley used clothes per year.

For us parents this does not only mean effort and expenses, but also a massive use of resources to produce all these textiles. Renting baby clothes is a practical and sustainable alternative to buying.


OÏOÏOÏ circulates soft organic cotton clothes from sustainable brands, takes over the logistics of sharing and makes sure clothes are kept in good condition. The goal is to share the clothes with as many families as possible to minimize the strain on resources for new clothes. Here is how renting with OÏOÏOÏ works:



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Choose one out of three bundle options: MINI with 5 pieces, MIDI with 10 pieces, MAXI with 15 pieces. The bundles cover around 25 - 75 % of your baby's wardrobe needs.


Choose an accent color or opt for our signature bundle in soft, earthy tones (white, eggshell, beige, brown, grey)


Tell us the starting size for the first delivery. We carry sizes from 44 - 92. You pay monthly and you can change size anytime.


The monthly subscription starts at purchase. The bundle is prepared and delivered within 3-5 working days. Delivery cost is on us.


If you're ordering a newborn size (size 50 or 56), the bundle is delivered one month before due date and you only pay from due date onwards.

Our bundles are curated for you and filled with everyday basics for a baby like bodysuits, onesies/rompers, pyjamas, trousers etc. Head to our guide, to see what you really need for a newborn.



Your bundle is delivered in a reusable box with a return label. Keep both items safe for the return. Should you not be happy with the bundle, let us know what's not to your liking!


Our basics are made of organic cotton that can be washed together with your clothes at 40 degrees. Head to our guide for some hacks on washing baby clothes.

Normal wear and tear of our clothes is insured in the monthly subscription. Use the clothes as if they were your own. We want your little ones to feel comfortable and discover the world.

You can keep the clothes as long as they fit your baby. Usually, our little clients outgrow their sizes within 52 days (or every 7 weeks).

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If you take a picture of the clothes upon reception, you'll know what to return when it's time for a swap.

You fell in love with a piece and want to keep it? Sure thing, let us know which piece you'd like to keep and we'll make an offer deducting your rental fee.



Oops, too small already?! You can switch to the next bigger size anytime. 

From size 86 you can exchange your bundle against a fresh one in the same size after 3 months of use.

Upon reception of the new bundle, you can return your current clothes. Missing a piece? That happens, let us know with a quick note.

Use our multi-way packaging and the return label to send the bundle back free of charge. Lost the return label? Here's our address: OÏOÏOÏ BABY, MYPOST24 PT677911, MP GÜTERSTRASSE 2, 8952 SCHLIEREN

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change size@4x.png
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The clothes do not have to be pre-washed before sending them back (unless freshly stained or wet :D). We will wash them anyhow.

Change your bundle? At every size change you can up- or downgrade your subscription (e.g. go from MINI to MIDI). Get a new subscription and cancel your current one. We'll make sure to settle the price difference.



Returned clothes are washed with an eco-friendly and sensitive detergent, then checked for quality, cared for and if needed repaired or sorted for our "End-of-use bundles".

Cancel subscription? You can cancel anytime with a notice period of 1 month (at the end of your subscription cycle). Please return the bundle before your notice period has ended.

Clothes unfit for recirculation are packed into "End-of-use bundles" - ideal as replacement clothes for the nursery or activities like painting or playing in the dirt. Profits from these sales will be donated.

Clothes in good quality and fit for recirculation are folded and stored in a dry warehouse, waiting to serve their next little customer.



With OÏOÏOÏ bundles you'll always have the right clothes in the right size ready for your baby. There's no need to store, sort and re-sell the clothes. You'll share them with other families, support small brands and organic farming.

By joining the circular economy you're contributing to living more sustainably. Find out what impact you're making (coming soon!).

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