• Wash clothes at 40° max. Treat stains with soap or stain remover immediately after the "incident" and before washing.

  • Use an eco-friendly detergent if possible to protect mother nature. We are using Sonett.

  • Should the clothes get stained, no worries! We want your little ones to use the clothing as if it was their own.

  • If an item is lost or irreparably damaged, get in touch before sending the bundle back and we'll find a solution together.

  • Please do not iron the clothes. Some buttons are made from recycled plastic and may melt under high temperatures.

  • You do NOT need to wash the clothes before sending them back (unless soaking wet, stinking or visibly stained ;-)) as we will wash them anyway. Equally, there is no need to pre-wash the clothes upon receipt as we've already done that for you.


  • To order the next size please log in to your profile and fill in the customer care contact form to initiate the size switch.

  • Returns must be made within 5 working days after receiving the new set. Please use our multiple-usage boxes for your returns to help reduce waste.

  • Use the enclosed label to send your bundle back. It's free of charge for you. In case you've lost the label, here's our return address: 


MYPOST 24 PT677911

Güterstrasse 2

8952 Schlieren



  • You can cancel the contract anytime for the subsequent month. Select "cancel subscription” from the contact form or send us an e-mail. 

  • The rented items must be returned to OÏOÏOÏ before the contract termination date.


  • New clothes are being pre-washed for you so you can dress your baby right away.

  • Upon return, the clothes are checked for quality, washed, sorted and repaired if needed.

  • We treat stains with Sonett gall soap and wash the clothes at 40° with Sonett eco-detergent. We are currently testing natural soap nuts as an alternative.

  • The clothes are folded and stored away in a dry and closed place.

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